What do you know about Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU)?


ASU is a vegetable extract that has been used in France since the 1990s to battle OA pain, most commonly Hip and knee OA. Its components are one-third avocado oil and two-thirds soybean oil.

In a 2003 study, published in the Journal of Rheumatology, it was proved that this extract (Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables) attacks inflammatory substances in the body and mitigates damage of synovial cells. But perhaps one of the most important reasons people take ASU is that it doesn’t cause the side effects NSAIDs produce in the patient, like ulcers and high risk of heart failures.

For OA and its complex symptoms it will never be enough to have one strategy, natural extracts can be helpful, but they won’t do much if you don’t combine them with exercise, good postures and a balanced diet.

Eating avocados and soybeans alone are not as effective as taking a concentrated supplement. The suggested amount to be taken daily is 300 mg, but before you decide to integrate it in your health plan (even if it is a natural extract) talk to your doctor.