You thought it was OA, it may be Bursitis


If you are experiencing pain near your joints or at them, inform yourself about all the possibilities before you jump to the conclusion that you have OA. You could be suffering Bursitis. Here is list that will provide some guidance about this condition:

  1. Near our joints, we all have small sacs (called bursae) that provide cushion for tendons, muscles and bones. The inflammation of these sacs produces Bursitis.

2. This condition, in most cases, is the result of an injury or repetitive movements. According to the Arthritis Foundation other causes for Bursitis can be:

a. Bad posture or walking habits

b. Stress on soft tissues from an abnormal joint or bone

c. Other types of arthritis (Gout, RA, OA…)

d. Metabolic conditions, like diabetes

e. Side effects of certain medications.

3. Since one of the most common causes of Bursitis is repetitive movement, this condition normally occurs in hips, shoulders, elbows, knees, big toes and heels.

4. The symptoms of Bursitis are inflammation and pain (many times severe) around joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Usually, it will disappear after resting the affected area, but still Bursitis can last for few days or weeks. In many cases the pain will occur again, most of all if repetitive motion habits don’t change.

5. If Bursitis is treated on time and accurately, disability or joint damage can be prevented. If after being diagnosed with Bursitis and treated by a primary care doctor your pain persists, you should talk to an specialist about alternatives.