Complex regional pain syndrome


As we saw in other posts there are many types of arthritis conditions that share similar symptoms with OA. One of those conditions is CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), also known as RSDS (reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome). Here is a list of this condition’s characteristics:

  1. This condition affects the sympathetic nervous system, a group of nerves located along the spinal cord that regulate several body functions like the activation of the fight-or-flight response in our bodies. Even though this system responds when the body feels threaten, it is working constantly making sure unconscious functions are working, like opening and closing of blood vessels.
  2. Although the cause of CRPS is not very clear, most of the times it is produced by traumas and injuries, like fractures or surgical interventions.
  3. This condition causes pain in the musculoskeletal system, swelling and changes in the skin of hands and feet.
  4. If the condition is not treated on time the patient may be facing severe pain, tight muscles and tissues, lost of function and drawn skin in a permanent basis.
  5. As far as self care for this condition goes, exercise is the best alternative. It will help the patient gain flexibility and strength in the affected limp.

There are many types of treatment for this condition, but the best strategy is to discuss with your symptoms and options with your doctor.